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Friday, April 28, 2006

Stirring the Pot

Boy am I glad this week is over.
I really stirred the pot at work.
To much garbage has gone on,
no wonder why I wake up
with head hurting every morning? I am just glad that my work week
is over
and we can start a new one.
Its supposed to be a hot weekend with temps almost to the 90's. I have been starting seedlings to plant outside in a garden, but with the animals out side how can I make a garden and keep them out of it? Well, I am off to the school to help out with the PTA book fair and carnival, what fun??? Have a great weekend.


Sue said...

Hey sis, didn't you lose a post? I thought there was one after the ducks? Anyhoo...sometimes you have to stir the pot to mix things up so it all blends well! Ouch, that red print hurts my head!! lol I love that pic, where was it??? I also love your title to this post, very good! Hugs!!!

Anonymous said...


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