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Saturday, October 01, 2011

♥♥ October ♥♥

What are the 3 things you love about October, Please comment me so we can all see what are favorites are. My 3 things for October are
1. Cooler Temperatures
2. The smell of the crisp clean air in the mornings
3. Stews, Chili's, Baking.

I could go on and on with so many more but 3 are plenty.
My little girl is doing great in Collage, we all miss her so but she has a new life now and we need to sit back and watch her rise. Its been hard on her Dad but hes getting used to her begin gone. We have Skype so we can video call her and see her face so that helps out alot, I know shes alive and well.

Hope its cooling down in your neck of the woods. We have not yet but by Friday its going to be in the 80's and we are all looking forward to that. 20 degrees different is a big change for us.

Hope you all are well. I will try to keep up, sorry. I even forgot my pass word from not logging in everyday... bad, bad, bad. Well Happy Weekend and Enjoy!♥

Saturday, September 17, 2011

HELLO Everyone.
Hope your Summer was not to hot for you? Ours was not to bad. It stayed nice until August which that don't happen to often. Just wanted to check in and say HI and show you my Apron I made for my sisters swap. Its the 1st one I have made . I was kind of nervous in making. Soon it will be Fall. The season to enjoy the cooler weather, falling leaves, and Pumpkin pies... I love it and last year they had a shortage on the pumpkin in a can. I hope they have enough this year. I was in Walmart last night and I saw a pumpkin roll.... My mouth was watering... I held my breath and passed on by. Well Hope you enjoy your week and GOD BLESS!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Count Down has Started!

The Countdown to Graduation that is.

My baby will be graduating high school on June 10th,

so close but yet days away.

Plans for her future?

What will there be for young kids these day?

Its a scary thought and it dont look good.

She will be heading off to collage this Fall at the UNR in Reno, Nevada.

Its a whole other world out there.

Something you cant teach.

Well my days here are winding down to toward the end.

My last day in Pahrump will be June 30th.

Then back on unemployment and home.

Its funny how these months has gone by fast.

I have met some really nice people here.

I never thought I would of left home and worked so far away but I did.

So the countdown has begun until one little girl becomes her own person.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Grandson Noah.... Such a happy baby!

Long time, no see is what you saying about me. I know I am bad, so sorry for that. Well TGIF... yes its Friday and looking forward to driving home tonight after work for a long 3 day weekend. My daughter is at the playoffs for Basketball in Las Vegas, They won last night by 1 point. I wish I could of been there, but work is a must in todays world. I feel that I am missing her Senior Year. I feel bad being 75 miles away from her. I am in need of much needed rest. My back has been hurting alot and I have started seeing a Chiropractor here in Pahrump. It very funny to me to just get to drive down town and see a doctor then go home. I am so used to making a day to see doctors because you have to drive to Vegas which is 120 miles one way. You never get to go right home after that. I guess thats what living in a small town for 30+ years has done for me. Adjustments to living somewhere there is a Walmart in the same town, and 24 hours at that. I have stopped in after I have gotten off from work. Its just a strange feeling all around. Well I hope that you enjoy your weekend. I will try to blogg more often. Miss you all. Take Care.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yes I posted Happy New Year since I am so far behind I thought late is better then nothing. I am still a busy person and not home much. My internet dont work good when I am away from home and blogger would not let me publish they last few times I have tried, so sorry about that everyone. I am home for my 3 day weeken which is nice. Trying to take it easy but something calls my name like laundry, dishes, cooking, kids.. you name it. I wanted to pop in and say HI and hope to catch up with everyone. I have entered Sues Valentines Day card exchange and hoping to get them done soon.

Well, Happy New Year to you all, May it be a good year! Blessing to you all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello and How are you seems to be what I have been saying alot to so many people I do not know. Being the new person at a place your not familiar with puts you in a place of uncertainty or to me anyways, I have not worked out of Beatty (the town I live in) in 28 years, I just cant run home for a minute. This will take some time to get used to and going to bed late. I feel like my feet are going to fall off. This is my new job. I walk a mile every night, I take care of peoples needs, I dispose of waste. Sounds like everyday like. If only I was home closer. Please pray for me, I put in a transfer for home, a job came up and I already heard that 2 others put in for it to, so pray I become the lucky one and I will get to go home and it would be a full time position not like the one I am in now, its only funded until the end of the school year. Well its late and I am beat so I am off to bed. Here is a picture of the school I work at, this is just a small portion of the school. Enjoy your week.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kaley, A new little clogger
Sleeping baby "Noah"

HELLO, HELLO, HELLO...... All is well over here, hope the same for all of you. We had a freak rain storm, it blew in as fast as it blew out. It would of been nice to have it stick around for a day or so. Hope that everyones Halloween was nice. We have Beatty Days that same weekend, it brings lots of people in which I don't care for when the kids are out trick or treating but nothing I can do about it. I have had a busy week driving to Pahrump (75 miles one way) everyday for work, I sure am tired when I get home. As much as I wish for the perfect life, I know that will never happen, I will take each day, one at a time and enjoy what there is. Not alot going on here. Hope your weekend is good and happy.