Alpicks Treasures!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Simply Fall type of Saturday!

Well we are having fall type of weather out west. Its chilly in the night and early morning and nice during the day. The leaves are starting to drop. Nothing ever happened to my tomato plants this year, still green and lots of flowers, but no tomatoes??? Really strange. My friend across the street, hers were the same way? Our 2nd volleyball game for this season, we lost! Oh well, try harder next time. The girls are sad and upset, Just need to do more drills. (I guess). I saw my granddaughter yesterday, she is always happy to see me. Her babysitter has 8 goats. I am working on getting mine there so she can play and run around with them. And 9 is a nice number? whats one more goat? Well I am off. Apple pie is cooking, time for pie anyone?


Sue said...

I'll have a slice of apple pie!! Gee, you just reminded me, I have a friend who has a apple tree with free apples for the picking, I better go check it out! Fall here too, got some strong storms coming in today then cooler weather all week, even in the 40's at night! :)

howard said...

Home made pie... yum! :):):)