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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Busy, busy?

Well my weekend was long, but I am good to go for another 2 year with my EMT stuff. My week is flying by like a bird. Only work 3 days this week, had to go to Vegas yesterday. Tomorrow I am off to Pahrump. Friday we have a volleyball game, so as you can see I have had a busy week. Wish me luck, I am taking a class in Pahrump to be a instructor for CPR... I will never have to take that class ever again if I teach it? That would be great. Then after that I will look into becoming an instructor for the EMT classes. That's the hard one. I don't know if I can do that? But my friend in Arizona tell me I can do it? I don't know though? I am getting old and slower. Hope you all have a great Thursday? Have a good one...

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Sue said...

Ok sis, you gotta think positive now, if your meant to be a teacher of CPR then you'll do just fine, give it a chance so you'll know either way!! Good luck!