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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Volleyball Again

Well what can I say? I do enjoy watching and coaching these girls. Some are there just because they don't have anything else to do and others are there because there hearts are in it. My daughter loves sports. Volleyball is not her favorite but she still enjoys the game. Soon basketball will be coming up and off she will be. I think that's her favorite. I have a tom boy on my hands. Cant cuddle her or buy her girl cloths, nope not her. I guess that's what I have Kaley for? Only 3 more games left and our season is done. Next year I wont have Danielle with me, she will be in High School. Life goes on, Kids grow up, And we look for more things to do? Whets up with that? Soon the holidays will be here and a new year to surprise us. Whets in store for us? Only God knows. I hope its better then this year. Have a great weekend.

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Sue said...

Keep up while you can sis!! LOL Hey, come visit my blog, I haven't had a comment in ages! :(