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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Long Weekend Comes to an End.

Well after 4 days off its back to the work place to see all those smiling faces, here the stories of what they ate and who they saw. And to be thinkful for Thanksgiving only being 1 day. I did enjoy my visit with my Grandaugther. She is a sweet 6 year old with more energy then 3 people together. All day long all I hear is "come here Nana?" and off I go. I guess thats why I am here? Had a nice chat with my sister Sue on Sunday. She had 2 or 3 Turkey dinners due to her family is so large, she took turns at diffrent houses. The life of a large family. I never had on growing up, and mine is still small. My friend in Arizona is flying out to Florida tomorrow? My thoughts are with him to have a safe trip. All in all we had a nice weekend. Hope the same to all of you. I know the holidays can be so depressing. I am trying to overcome that. It takes alot of work, but at least I am trying. Hats off to you all. Until next blogg... See ya Danielle and her friend Kaitlin.. Are'nt they cute...

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Sue said...

Time to think about Christmas now, savor the spirit and rejoice, gets you through everytime!