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Friday, December 08, 2006

Count Down untill Christmas!

Its hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner? For all the little girls and boys who wait for the day to come, when us as adults cant wait until its over. What happen to our childhood memories and why cant we still feel like that again? We try to carry it down to our children and grandchildren, but sometime it just dont work that way. So how can we bring back Christmas to us adults? My best memories of Christmas as a kid was always looking under Mom and dads bed to see what they got us? One year my oldest daugther tore off the corners of her gift. What kids will go through to see whats inside thses pretty packages? Hope you still have your childhhod Christmas stored inside you, if so bring it out. Enjoy your Saturdays and shop, shop, shop. Christmas will be here before we are ready for it...
Bye for now !!!

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Sue said...

Love that Santa pic!!! Funny how when we get older we remember more, and they say we start to forget things!! Hugs!!