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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Counting Down Until Christmas

11 more days until Christmas Day. Wow Time sure flys when your having fun, ha ha ha. As I sit back in my chair at work, watching all these high school kids, who are getting excited for the Winter break next week. It makes you wonder what they are thinking? Are they more happy about the 2 weeks off we get, or Christmas itself? I am just happy that I get the time off to spend with family and friends, but I dont get paid for the days we are not at work, which is a bummer. Things in Nevada are pretty good. The weather is nice around 60 in the day. We are all healthy! Thats a plus!!! And soon a new year will be starting. A better one I am hoping for. With some new people in the goverment and in the county seats, My wish is that they will stop thinking about themselfs for once and think of us. Enough Said... Any easy recieps out there for Fudge? I found one in a store titled microwave fudge, and when I got it home, there was nowhere it said for the microwave, so I made it and it did not set up right, too soft. So I am searching for something easy and time wise? Happy Thursday... Tomorrow will be TGIF

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Sue said...

If you like eggnog try my recipe for eggnog fudge, if not, I'll send you the recipe I use every year for the old fashioned fudge, perfect every time!!