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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho another year has come for all the children to open there gifts and family's to be together again. This year my house is a quite one, as we all have the sniffles and sneezes here in Beatty. Winter was welcomed in with the cold season and we sure did get it good. My granddaughter is in California with her Daddy. My oldest is home with her friends, and we are kicking back with vicks instead of cookies and treats. I hope you all have had a nice Christmas and may all your blessing come true. Until next time.. TA TA P.S. Santas Elfs in Beatty. Danielle is on the left floor! My little booboo

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Sue said...

How cute, she makes a good elf!!! Hope your all feeling better soon so you can enjoy your break and relax before the new year begins!! Hugs!!