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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Awiting for the snow

Yes, snow in Nevada and Vegas is suppost to get 3 inches on Friday,

so I can bet we will have 4 or more.

Living in the west where snow is only seen in the mountains,

I dont really care for the stuff now that I am older and scared of slipping on ice.

I have weak knees, so thinking of snow just gives me chills.

So today I will enjoy my day with the sun shining and chilly temps

to enjoy what we have because whats ahead of us dont look so good

weather wise.

Reading my sister blogg,

she posted a picture of our Dad on her wedding day.

Brings a tear to mu eye seeing Dad,

as hes been up with GOD for 4 years now,

sharing his stories and planting his gardens of joy.

We all really miss him,

as Sunday was his day to call his girls up and ask how there week went.

I do miss that, I still jump when the phone rings,

but now time has changed and thanks to caller ID i see who it is before I answer it.

Is that the way it workd with "GOD"!

Is he the Caller and know all of our ID?

What ever his plans are for me, I am willing to let him take me.

In time I hope.

Enjoy you Thursday and Stay Warm!

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Sue said...

Stay warm indeed!! Were not even getting that much snow, most of it will stay up north. Just a dusting here but that can always change. It's the bitter cold temps I'm not looking forward to by early next week. burr....But it is Jan. so I guess we must expect it some??