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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ball Games has Started in Beatty!

Well my son is just about finished up with basketball for the high school tonight was my daugthers 1st game for the season in middle school. And they played a good game, I feel thay need more practice. The boys in middle school got creamed 51 - 16 and my daugthers team score was 22-28. Not bad for a first game but they lost to Amargosa Sandblasters. Better luck next game girls. Well my start of the week is ok. The sun was shining, My water pipes are still intacked, what more could I ask for? I chatted with a good friend last night. Hes working alot so I dont get to chat much. It was nice to catch up on things. Almost bed time and I feel it tonight. I think the cold has set in my bones and I feel every bit of it in my knees, ouch! I guess that goes with getting older? Well I hope that your day went as well or even better then mine. Enjoy

Danielle is #10

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Sue said...

Another sports season begins! Go Danielle!!! Keep warm and get some MSM for those knees! lol