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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Busy Days

So sorry I have not been on here in the last couple of day. My son had a track meet yesterday in Ridgecrest, California which is about 150 miles one way, so I took half of my work day off and headed to California going through Death Valley. It was really windy all the way there and back. His meet started at 3 P.M. and I got there alittle bit early to go to Walmart and eat lunch. The track meet went real well, Then I took Kyle with me and we went shopping and had dinner. Well my husband drives the bus and on the way home last night I caught up to him and went around and made it home about 9 P.M. 10 P.M. comes around and I get a call saying that they broke down somewhere in Death Valley, Since your in a National Park there is no cell service so he could not call, So I then went into this quilt trip because I passed them on the way home, I got dresses again and took the van looking for them. My kids were sleeping so off I went. Well about 50 miles later I found him and a bus full of kids. I told them I could bring home 6 kids and the girls were the first one in. So about midnight we make it back to Beatty. My husband and the other kids and coaches we not as lucky, they made it home after 2 and Mark 3 A.M. So today thank good ness we had a half day and I have been lazy all day. So my big adventure yesterday turned out to be a sleepy one. A lesson I learned? Don't go ahead of someone your traveling with. hee hee.. Happy Spring Everyone. Its hard to believe that April is almost here? Where did March go?


Day4plus said...

I told you before you are one busy lady. What a night and nightmare. I am glad everyone is ok though. Rest up. Mary Beth

Sue said...

Burning the midnight oil I see!! Wow, kinda scary to be left out in the middle of Death Valley, sure hope it wasn't too warm? You would think those school buses had some way to call for help in cases like that? I can't believe you had a track meet all the way to Ridgecrest? Rest up and glad to hear no one was hurt or lost!

Sue said...

P.S. Your iris are very pretty, love the color! Hugs!

Nancy Jo said...

That was one busy day!!! I think it was probably a real good idea to have a day of rest. You might even want to take two.

howard said...

That's why I never liked driving through Death Valley. That was always in the back of my mind, breaking down and nobody around. Thankfuly it wasn't summer and everything turned out OK.