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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here's Looking at you, KID!!

My heart goes out to my friend who's grandson passed away 1 year ago today. He was a young boy about 12 who my daugther used to laugh and hang out with at school. Death is something we all have to go through, but when its a child, we all respond to it differently. He's in GODS hands now!

This week is just dragging by so slow? I keep thinking its Friday but its not. Bummer. Its

supposted to be 70 by the weekend, warmer weather will be nice so I can get out In the yard and clean it up a bit. Glad you all like the new page. I will have to keep playing to see what else I can do. Cut and Paste, sounds easy, well sometimes its not as easy as it looks.

As I sit in the library, I have 2 Spanish speaking students who just chat away in Spanish. I don't know much. I would love to learn so I can understand what the heck they are talking about. Most of the time its half and half (half Spanish/half English)

Hope all of you are keeping warm. Having a nice day, enjoying your family and friends, and thankful for all GOD does for us! I know I am .....


RoseMary said...

Hi Allison--you are right, making friends is a gread reason to blog! I'm like you, I'd love to learn Spanish--guess I should take the time for it sometime. Hope you've had a great day.

MB said...

The sky is so blue right now. the snow is falling off the trees. It looks so pretty but it really just means it is WET. So it goes. 70 degrees sounds wonderful. I'll have to wait til July for that. haha. MB

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Wish I could speak Spanish too. My Son-in-law is Colombian and speaks Spanish fluently. I was privileged to raise two Puerto Rican girls-who spoke a form of Spanish,(actually "Puerto Rican"), but for all that influence, I can only speak a few words!
I love your new blog look!

Beemoosie said...

I sympathise with your friend. We lost our nephew a year ago in January. He was 21, but too young. It's so painfull to see a parent lose a child. God and friends make all the difference in the world; I bet you are a great friend!
You will have to give me tips to change my template, I'm tired of the black but can't find anything as pretty as yours!
Have a great weekend, it is FINALLY Friday!

Sue said...

Hey sis, don't tease me about moving out here and don't let the weather scare you, a tornado can happen in Calif. and has, even in Montana. No matter where you live you have some sort of scary weather that you just have to respect, and not let it keep you from living. Gee, how great would that be if you did move this way, look out flea markets!!! lol

Beemoosie said...

Hey Allison, I know of a house that will be up for sale out Sue's way!! LOL

Nancy Jo said...

Thanks for your vivsit you always say such nice things.
Is that a pet Deer in your last picture?
I was looking at your blog, you have a really nice tea pot collection.

Susie Q said...

What a sweet dear...love the face.
How awful to lose a child...we all must face death of someone we love but when it is a child it is especially hard to comprehend. We just must have faith and trust.
I took Spanish in HS and college but am far from proficient. I can speak to very small kids in it though...for some reason! I taight in a CA pre school years ago and could work with the little ones. I can *get by*, that is all. I have promised myself I would learn French or Italian some day...I guess I should start huh?


Tracey said...

New page layout looks great, Allison!