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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A New Day

Well Hello Everyone its Tuesday, Sorry I have skipped a day or more. Trying to catch up on everyone blog.

I am sitting here at work just reading all the forums at Mary Jane's, wow there is just so much on there. I put my prayers in for Tracey who said a little boy got kidnapped. What a tragedy for the parents to have to go through that. And I have been reading up on the swaps I have gotten into.

I received a special gift from Mary Beth. She sent me those 2 pink dishes she got and posted on her blog awhile back with an old vintage post card which I just love. It said on the front;

GREETINGS, I hope you are thinking of me, Because I am thinking of you, And I send today from my heart, The greeting of friendship true. What a special person to send such a thing. I love it and Thank you Mary Beth. Someday we will have to meet each other.

There is just so much in each of our lives going on and when you get a package from someone you don't know, it stops you in your tracks, because someone out there was thinking of me at the time. WOW that's just mind blowing. I grew up in Las Vegas and people here just are not friendly like this. Ask Sue, she noticed it when she was here last May that no one was friendly? Why is that, because we live a busy life that we can not take a minute away to say HI.

Well here is my MINUTE to say ~~~~HI!~~~~


Sue said...

Hi sis!!!! That's like out here, strangers will wave to you as you go by on the streets, or say hi to you in a store. People here are just friendly, it took awhile to get used to that when I first moved here from Nevada but now it's natural and so nice! Yep, Marybeth strikes again, bless her little heart!!!

Nancy Jo said...

YEA, That Mary Beth is something for sure.
Wanted to thank you for always saying such nice things on my blog, its sometimes hard to visit all the great places there are to go and see. Sometimes I just have to make myself go do something else, otherwise I keep finding new girls to go see, and boy some of them make my thrifting look silly, amazing stuff out there to be found I guess.
Off now to do some cooking, Richard will be home soon.

Beemoosie said...

Hey girl!! Marybeth is a sweetie! You and your sis are too, and as a matter of fact there are a lot of sweet people out there...funny how it's just hard to find them sometimes!!

Day4plus said...

Well I am blushing. Oh gee.
I do like your new blog face tho I did like the old one too. It would be fun to meet sometime. MB

RoseMary said...

Well now you've met a lot of friendly people, Allison. I'm glad I've gotten to know you! How sweet that you received the package.