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Friday, March 16, 2007

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Hello out there. Its Friday!!!! and a warm one it is today. The birds are singing, Flowers are blooming, Chickens are clucking and I am here at work sitting inside and missing it all. Well I have to support the family some how. Allis well here in Nevada.

I had a nice chat with my teenager last night after she played a very bad game of basketball knowing that she was mad at her Dad and me. I decided that a group thing is ok. And if her grades start dropping then so does the boy. Shes a good kid with a better head on her shoulders then her older sister who now is 24.

Weekend is finely here and off to Vegas I go tomorrow for some real shopping. Its an all day trip going to town to shop. We live 120 miles one way from Vegas. You could not pay me to wove there. I lived there as a kid and now I can not stand going at all.

TO all my new friends and some old ones theses cats are for you! Because what would I do with out you all. Hugs and Kisses until next blog. Have a great weekend.


Beemoosie said...

Have a great weekend too!! I am glad you and your teeny bopper talk, that's awesome!!
(((hugs))) right back to you girl!

Day4plus said...

Cute kitties. They are comrades in arms. I hope you and your daughter can maintain for awhile. Love and firmness. Marybeth

RoseMary said...

Glad everything is going better with your daughter, Allison. Have a little fun shopping if you can--we have to drive a long way to shop, too, and I'm not very fond of it, either!

Sue said...

Good for you sis, let her earn it. I think your doing the right thing, yes Danielle is a good girl, but so were we. Life is different now and alot harder on kids, but with a firm family stucture, she will be just fine. Have fun shopping in Vegas, wish I was with you! Hugs!!