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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Tuesday!!

Hello Everyone. Hope that you are having a great day? My day is going good. I got a package in the mail today from my sister Sue, she sent me some Easter goodies, oh what fun.. I was so excited when I got the package.I am at work, but later I will post a picture from my lovely sister who is very dear to me, I just wish that we lived closer to her. I got to spend some time with her last Summer, which was really nice and to see all of her family. I have been whining at my hubby that I want to see her, but I just cant get out there every year since Summer time we don't work at school and no pay that goes with it. Not a lot going on in this small town. The weather has been great, not to hot and not to cold. Next week I wont be on due to I will be gone. I leave Sunday for Reno and I will fly home on Wed the 11th. Than after that Danielle has games in LasVegas over the weekend. So no rest for this chick. Have a great day and I love reading everyones blog. See Ya!


Day4plus said...

Hey chickie, We are going to miss you for the time you will be gone. Keep happy thoughts.. Looking forward to seeing what your sis sent you. MB

Beemoosie said...

We'll miss you Allison!! Have a lovely time, and do get some R & R!

Sue said...

I think chickie should be your new nick name! lol Gee, a week away, how did you manage that? Will you be checking out the thrift stores in Reno? lol Enjoy your trip and visit with Bev, will miss you but can't wait to hear all about it and see some shots of Reno! Don't forget the camera!!