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Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Start to Spring Break!

Hello everyone. Today was our last day at school. Spring Break starts tomorrow. What a break I need. Tomorrow I will be going to Las Vegas to a wedding and not looking forward to that due to the Grand Prix Race is going downtown and has shut off most of the streets, so where there dinner is at after the wedding will be tricky getting there. Sunday is Easter and I will be leaving to go to Reno with my friend. An old school friend who has stuck my me through good and bad. We need time for girl stuff. Reno from Beatty is 330 miles one way and on Wednesday I will fly home and have hubby pick me up in Vegas. The flight takes alittle over an hour and 6 hours from Beatty to drive to Reno? Go Figure. So I am getting excited about going knowing that hubby is not to happy because I am leaving, but he will get over it. Him and the kids can go off and do something? So if you don't see me here in awhile, this is why. I did not vanish with out a trace. I will take the camera and try to get some shots from the plane as I fly over Beatty? That would be great. If only I had a parachute? Drop me off as we get over Beatty? So If I don't make it on Saturday, Happy Easter everyone, and I will work on the Thrift Store Swaps after I am home. So enjoy your day and see ya soon.
This is my oldest. I know I have show the others and its rare for me to even have a picture of her. I got a new cell phone and it has a camera on it so I snapped it while in Pahrump. Her name is Shila and is 24, boy do I feel old when I revile her age?


RoseMary said...

You have two pretty daughters! Hey swap partner--I need you to email from the MJ forums so I can get my addy to you. Have fun on your trip!

Sue said...

Hey sis, I'll try to call you before you leave, if not, have a safe flight and enjoy your break!! Happy Easter, love and miss you!!