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Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome Monday

Good Day to you all.... Not alot happening in Hendersonville. My weekend was ok. We went to Pahrump and pick up the grandkid to bring her home for a day, did some shopping while we were there and ate lunch, thats about it. Yesterday I met my daugther half way to take Kaley home. Thanks for all of your comments from my last trip. As last weekend I was in snow, this week its been HOT here in the 90's. What happen to Spring? Spring around here last 2 weeks and the heat hits and stays until October. Yuck.... Well hope that your Mondays has started off to be good. Thanks for thinking of me. This little guy is the way I feel some days.


RoseMary said...

My, you are having some hot weather. It won't be too long before it is 90 and hotter pretty soon. Have a great week.

Day4plus said...

Well, Welcome back all safe and sound. I always miss you. MB

Sue said...

Nice to see you back! Too hot too soon for me! We have rain most of the week here, everything is recovering from a late frost finally! May is here! Hugs!!

Aunt Jenny said...

That picture sure is cute!!
Wow..I was overheated when it got up to 80 here yesterday!! The heat is never my friend but it WAS nice to warm up some..and get to plant stuff.
Have fun with Kaley!!