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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well Hello to all of you. Hope that your week is going your way and not bad. I am glad that school is coming to an end, the kids here are ready to. Monday I went to Las Vegas with the High School Students to see Bodies, yes these were real but put on display for everyone to see. They preserved them so you can see what your organs look like. It showed what a black lung look like, boy am I glad I don't smoke. It was real interesting to me since I work around alot of that with the Ambulance Service. It was a long and hot day, we made it home by 4 P.M. Not alot has been happening here in Beatty. I got a call from Sue on Mothers Day, always great to hear her voice. we had a long and nice chat which is always good and she explained that artist trading card swap to me. I was thinking I only had to make 1, but she informed me that I had to make 6, so yesterday I was busy working on my cards, it should be a fun swap, now I am not that crafty, so don't get to excited over mine. But I will try my best to make a nice one.

Hope you have a great day and thanks to all who posted their pictures of there friends.


Sue said...

Don't be silly, were all artists in some form or another! I'll be sending out the mailing list so watch your email. Wanna see some of those body parts too! lol

Day4plus said...

You are so lucky to se 'Bodies'. I wanted to when they were in Seattle but just couldn't make. Very interesting to me. About the ATCs --I am no artist either so you can snort at mine. MB

RoseMary said...

Hi Allison. Your field trip sounded interesting. Hope your week is going well. What do you do in the summer?

Nancy Jo said...

A big thankyou for all your nice posts over on my site. You are just too nice.
We went to Las vegas a few years back. Had a good time, lots to see,we went to hoover dam and a few out of the way places in the dessert. Lost some money, won some money, so came out about even on that. But---we didn't see what you went there to see. How interesting that must have been. You sure do keep busy!

Beach Girl said...

Bodies.....I'd love to see that. I used to love going to the Walter Reed Medical Museum in DC when I lived up that way in high school and college. The Mega-Colon was what got me. Poor guy didn't eat enough fiber and consequently let the problem build up for something like 18 years before it burst~ GROSS!