Alpicks Treasures!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

whats a girl to do with out her messenger? As I sit and write this I am chatting with my daugther and my friend Howard at the same time. Trying to chat with 2 a t a time is challenging. As long as I don't mix them up I am ok. If you have yahoo messenger, I would love to add you and we could chat too. Well not alot going on. Hubby took the High school and Middle school band to California to preform at Fullerton Collage on Friday then after that they are all going to Disneyland for some fun. Now that's the way to end off the school year with only 9 more days left and counting down. I am ready for a break. Let me knee rest up some would be great, but with no work my diet might go down hill. I hope not. I am at 7 1/2 pound and many more to go.

I have to do it. Here is my tiny garden this year. Not knowing if I will get anything from it, hope so. Last year I got a ton of Okra, but we did not eat it. Hope your day and week have been a great one.


Day4plus said...

So don't plant okra if you're not going to eat it. lol. Your garden looks just right. We will all rest up our knees together and stick to the diet. MB

Sue said...

I wish I could lose 7 1/2 pounds, I can't seem to budge at all! Are you walking, that's good for the knees and all joints, esp. on those hills of yours, great exercise there! Enjoy your peace and quiet and I'll try to call you this weekend sometime!

Beach Girl said...

Brownies and lemonade are ready at Yahweh's Retreat! I'm back after several days of busy-ness.

Okra..... Did you know that the okra seed was the number one coffee substitute during the Civil War? Think I'd give up coffee!