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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 5th of July

well since yesterday was a holiday I decided to take the day off for blog land. Hope that everyone had a nice 4th and not to hot like me. we had a nice day, the temp was 110 here in Beatty and I sat at the park helping out with the Ambulance Service in selling tee shirts. We had front row seats to all the games and raffle prizes being raffled off. My daugther won 3rd place in the wheel barrel race. The Fire Department and the town spent $14,000 on fireworks and they had a malfunction and about 100 went off at once, so they did not last long. But they were very pretty. I am posting some picture I took while I was watching them. Beatty does put off some nice firework, when there not having problems setting them off. Until next blog everyone keep cool and safe..


howard said...

Wow, that camera does take good pictures. Hope the goat is making it through the heat wave :)

Melissa said...

neat pics

Day4plus said...

It sounds like your town has a nice holiday program. Nice fireworks pictures. Stay cool. MB

Sue said...

Great shots!! Beatty was the cool spot, did you hear Vegas got to 128, a record!! And in Bullhead City, Az., a unbelivable 133!! That's crazy!!

Beach Girl said...

We were quite chilly watching ours. They are set off over the ocean and it was very cool and very windy. The combination kept me in long sleeves, a towel wrapped around my legs and sitting close to the fire we (our church) had after our big beach cookout.