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Sunday, July 01, 2007


What more can I say but its HOT here? Not as bad as Vegas. We stay abit cooler and nights cool down real nice. Another Sunday has come around. With me sitting back wondering what I can do now? Watch Nascar with Kyle? Clean the House? Pack the trailer for vacation? When its hot I don't move around to much. Went to Vegas yesterday to take the old camera to the shop, they wanted $253 to fix it, we said no, its not worth it, you can replace it cheaper then that. I do love my new camera, I am hoping on vacation to take lots of pictures fishing for trout. My congrats goes out to Sues family who welcomed a new baby girl to her family. This make 4 grand baby's for Sue and I bet shes loving it since her other 2 are in California for awhile. So go over to Sues page and check out the grand baby, shes a cutie.

Well just wanted to say HI to you all and have a great Sunday... Until next blog which will be Tuesday or Wednesday because I have to work tomorrow. Taa taa for now.

Tomorrow is Kaley's Birthday.... but shes so far away from me :(


Day4plus said...

Well tell Kayley HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
It was hot here---hot to us--only the mid to upper 70s. I got a nice tan on my arms watching Kylee at the rodeo. she did pretty good.
Be talking at ya next time. MB

Beach Girl said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to Kayley!


howard said...

its suppose to be 110deg here tuesday, ouch! too hot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALEY!

Patty H. said...

Hi, found your link on Rosemary's "life in a cordwood cabin".
I love the picture of the goat. She does have personality.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday sweet Kaley!! That's too hot for me!! It's only in the low 80's here with a cool breeze, low humidity! Where are you working at today? Keep cool! Love Ya, Sue