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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It was a diffrent life.

That's the truth. I have been listening to Bucky Coverington and his song is called "It was a diffrent life", he sings Country music and what a song he has. Its about what we did not have when we were young and I see myself every time I hear it. Its worth a shot to listen to it. Oh the memories!

Back to school and work started off smooth, well for me anyways. It was a long night, but well worth it for the benefits I get with the job. The kids all did great. Danielle who is in the 9th grade this year gets to be on both Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball team. I was surprised! That's a big step for a 9th grader, I guess my coaching last year might had something to do with it, na maybe not! She is just a sporty girl. And a proud Momma too :) I enjoyed my visit with my granddaugther, It was short but well worth it. She is home now with her Mom and in 2nd grade. Hope that your week has been a good one. I am off to work now so I will catch everyone tomorrow. Here is a picture of Kaley!


Sue said...

She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! I have her birthday giftie that I need to pop in the mail soon. Good for Danielle, that will keep her busy, maybe Mark can record her games for you? I don't envy you for working nights, so more power to you girl!! Hugs!!

Day4plus said...

"A different Life" So true. Before the government began deciding we couldn't care for ourselves and began attaching so many rules and regulations to what we could or couldn't do-- Whew--I think the times were happier. As he says in the song-"We survived".

Beemoosie said...

What a sweetie! I like that song too! I am looking for a full time position myself. I'll be taking 2 civil service tests in September, pray for me!! My DD is in her first year of JV soccer.

Melissa said...

it's that time of year again...back to school and work...summer days are long gone! I told Rob the other day just think-in 3 yrs Chloe will be starting Kindergarten....that doesn't even seem possible. they sure do grow up fast.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hi Allison!
Can't believe its "back to school" time already! Where has the summer gone to?!
I'm finally able to visit a bit and wanted to stop by and say Hello! Looks like your life is full with your new job and lovely family!
Enjoyed catching up! Blessings to you dear Allison! Claudia O.