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Sunday, September 02, 2007

How to relax on a 3 day weekend?

You tell me. As much as I just want to lay around and do nothing, I kow I can not. Things around this house needs to be done! I started off this morning by shampooing the carpet, with what little rain we got and all this humidity, my house smelt musty. For thoses of you who were wondering where the outhouse was at, well in Tonopah, Nevada . That was at one of my trips while watching Danielle playing baseball. There is not alot in Beatty, but I will try to get some shots of this small town. Mark and I were out in the hill the other day before I went to work and we saw a nice pack of Burro's so I was telling them to stay out of town, or BLM will haul them off and about 2 miles out of town we saw about 7 Big Horn Sheep. They heard us coming in the jeep and heard up the hills, What a site to see! Gods Creatures starring at us. See alot of our land around here is still government owned by BLM, so its open ranges to go where ever you want, so off to the spring we went, only to find most of it dryed up. This was a first time for me to see most of it dry. Both Mark and I were puzzled and dont know why? One little pond used to have salamanders in it? I hope they can swim up stream????? Well hope that you all are enjoying a nice weekend and resting up. Some pictures of Nevada and the wildlife that's in it! Look hard in the first one, you can see the Big Horn Sheep.


Sue said...

That's neat, I never did see sheep when I lived there, what a treat! The desert does have it's own beauty, hope the burros stay out of town! You can always hide them out at your house! hehehe! lol

Rose Mary said...

Oh, I loved the way you described the burros and big horn sheep. That must have been a great drive for you! Your pics are always so pretty~you have a lot of beauty where you live.

Beach Girl said...

I LOVE seeing pictures of where my blog friends live~thank you for sharing them with us!


Day4plus said...

Burros and big horns---wow!! Those pictures are almost like illusions. We all live in beautiful places. More pics, please. MB