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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nevada Wild Flowers in November???

Hello Everyone! My thoughts and prayers goes out to Mary Beth who you all know lost her husband just this week. I can not image what it would be like losing your spouse. But I do wish and pray for the strength to keep her going. We also got some bad new here in Beatty. Our math teacher at the high school went in for surgery and they found cancer and did not get it all? So we dont know if he will be back or not. He has taught all 3 of my kids, a good man. Volleyball coach. My prayers too go out to him. Got a call from my stranged sister yesterday, no not Sue. Our other sister which we dont talk to much about, shes the different one. Shes back in Beatty, joy I so happy while she was gone, hee hee. Enough on that subject. Today in Pahrump is the Pow Wow. It should be alot of fun to watch them dance, dress up and shop. And I get to see Kaley! Hope that you all are having a nice weekend. And as Thanksgiving comes closer and if I dont get another post done before then, I wish everyone a Nice Thanksgiving! GOD BLESS YOU ALL...... Since our temps have been really nice and what little rain we got over a month ago the desert thinks its Spring and the wild flowers are out. These were on the way to Pahrump last weekend, Yellow flowers all over, it was hard to resist. Enjoy


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Very pretty flowers for November esp. since most everywhere all the greenies are dying back, enjoy them! Sorry to hear about the math teacher, you just never know, do you! Dave's funeral is Monday, still got Marybeth on my mind, wish we lived closer so we could drive up to see her! Enjoy the pow wow!

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Beach Girl said...

We also have little flowers blooming. Just stopping in to say HI!


Day4plus said...

Hi Allison, oh, the yellow flowers are so bright. What a sight.
Thanks for the card and BELIEVE pin. A nice gesture from a nice lady. Thanks again. MB

GardenGoose said...

yes, I was so very sorry to hear about Mary Beth's husband.
the flowers in your post look so pretty.
I hope that you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Dear Allison,
Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! I'll be keeping you and mentioned ones in prayer.
Blessings to You! Claudia O.