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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New 2008 to all of my Special Friends!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ~~~~2008~~~~~

WOW where has the time gone. Just yesterday it was 2000 and Shila was graduating High School and Kaley was born.

Well Hello to all of you out there in Blog land. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas? If you were traveling I hope you had a save trip.

My Christmas trip was one we wont forget. Not to go into alot of it, but I did have dinner with my brother and family. That's was really nice. We went to a place that my Dad really liked so that made it more special. I know he was looking down and smiling. He had such a big and nice smile. One that we all would enjoy seeing as we walk by.

We also spent Christmas Eve at Marks Brothers house with all of his family. That's was really nice and the weathers was good too. It was really windy but having temperatures at 75 you cant complain. Going down there makes me realize that I don't miss it there and that a small town is not so bad. There is just too many people and the traffic going home was really bad. It took us about 9 hours instead of 5 to get home, boy we were tired.

Well I am busy cooking turkey and putting away all my Christmas stuff and tree. I have to work on Wednesday so I wont have time to get that done.

Have a Happy New Year and may 2008 be Great!


1st picture is at Marks Brothers House in Riverside, California

2nd is Kaley opening her gifts at my house.


Beach Girl said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2008 be wonderful!

I agree.....where DOES the time go?


Day4plus said...

Welcome back, Allison. I missed you!! Small town is Ok. I sure don't miss the traffic or so many people in the big city. Home is nice.
Back to work, the old grind again.
Sure a fancy house in Riverside. It is always nice to visit but so much better to be back home.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR SIS!!! I love your profile photo, your looking good! How did you do it though? I've been trying for so long to figure out that little inch photo! Glad to have you back, I'll try to call you tomorrow!