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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Senior Night!

Hello to all of you. Today was Senior Night at the high school and my son Kyle is a senior this year. He helps out on the Basketball team. Today the Seniors were all reconized and parents too. What a tearful moment seeing these young kids crying there eyes out not knowing what there furture is to hold. Beatty has the higest enlistment for Nevada of High School kids. I hate to thinks that thes kids who I have know for years go off and get into battle somewhere. The goverment spends our tax dollars on tee shirts, pens, pencils, cups, book covers, to get kids to enlist. I think thats wasting our money. If they cant get kids to sign up to serve this counrty of ours, dont bait them with your goodies and make them think its going to be so much fun. Tell these kids what its really like.

Ok enough on that subject. I can go on and on. But I wont. Yesterday was my birthday. I was home by myself, had dinner by myself. And worked on top of that. Mark (hubby) and the kids had games in Tonopah which is 93 miles from Beatty and thats how I spent my day.

To keep this short and sweet, I just wanted to catch up on reading some of your bloggs out there, so enjoy your weekend. Take Care. It wont let me post any pictures so I will next time. Taa taa


Small City Scenes said...

I hope you enjoyed being all by yourself. sometimes it is kinda nice. Nobody saying do this--get me that, etc. Just enjoy. MB

Marvin said...

Ahhh, being a senior in high school...... Now that was a long time ago. How many seniors are in the class?

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I agree with MB, sometimes having the day to yourself is a gift! Hope your enjoyed it! I'm late again in getting your gift off to you, but better late than never right? LOL