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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wind Blew it Over!
Looking at whats left of Rhyolite, Nevada
Snow Cap mountains are in Death Valley!

After I dropped off my son at his work I took a drive around town to see what damage the wind did a week or so ago, Well what I saw was acouple of trailer on there side, roofs riped off, trees up from the ground, boy we were lucky! I also took a drive out to Rhyolite, its about 4 miles from town with the camera in tow I was looking for that perfect picture. I dont think I got it today but what a beautiful day to get out in the desert and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Nevada has alot of open land that the government owns known as BLM so you can go on the back roads and not be on anyone privet land. Since Death Vally is just donw the road we cannot do alot of the 4 wheel drive roads there since they closed alot of them off and dont do the up keep to them. I love being able to just drive out in the desert on a dirt road. You never know what you may see or who you may see. With the rain we have had lately it will help the quail and chucker population, last year there was not as many since it was to dry. You know Spring is in the air when the bird are doing there little birdie things.... Have a great week.

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Small City Scenes said...

Boy it must have been pretty windy there. I am glad you took a picture of Rhyolite--I read up on Rhyolite about a year ago and was hoping you would post some pictures. Do some more ok. Very interesting. What are those snow capped mts? You do live in an interesting area and it does have it's own beauty. I was wondering if the burros ever came back? I finally posted a new church on my holy houses blog. A lady in France sent it to me. MB

Mogul said...

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Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I agree, the desert is a very interesting place to roam and explore. I love Rhyolite and all the other ghost towns out there, never know what you might find! Don't miss the wind, I remember it well enough, glad your place was spared! Great pics sis!