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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hope that your day has started off to be GREAT! Mine is helping out the high school kids with a car wah in Beatty. So to keep this short. Enjoy your day.


Sue Neitzel said...

Typo!!! lol
Don't click on that one above, it could be a virus!

~~Mikki Jo said...

Hi girl! Wonderful to see you again. I've been visiting some of my favorite blogs and it's great to see what everyone is up to. I just recently was in Las Vegas to visit my uncle. I got to spend almost 2 weeks with he and his wife. I had a blast and got to see one of his prize winning donkey's foal being born. A proud father his donkey was and the Momma donkey was sooo sweet. The baby was a sweet girl and he let me name her, that was exciting! We went to Red Rock Canyon and ate at the little restaurant there. One night he and his dear wife took me out to eat at the Bellagio, it was a beautiful restaurant. It was good for me to get away and I really enjoyed myself. I miss Mom more every day I think, some days more than others. Hope you had a great weekend. Blessings!!!

Small City Scenes said...

Hi Allison! A car wash---that sounds like fun when the weather is so hot. I have been busy and then not so busy but I do have to go look for a part-time job. MB

Vanessa said...

I love seeing pictures of your part of the country.

I'm finally posting and visiting!