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Monday, June 30, 2008

After being here for 2 days we went fishing today. The trout were calling are name and biting they were. Now we dont eat trout so catch and release was the way to go, we did have to keep 2 that just did not want to swim on there marry way. The weather here has been really nice, it showered on us acouple of times while fishing. Its a nice break away from the heat at home. 108 in Vegas so it was probly around 102 at home. There is a place here that you can go find garnets, thats on my want list to do. One year we went to the iron pierite mind, its rock that looks like gold. You can take what you want and boy were there some nice pieces that was big and heavy. we may go back up there and get some small ones. Well just checking in with you all. Thanks for reading my blog. Here are picture from Cave Lake up in the mountains

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Small City Scenes said...

Hi Allison. Again nice pictures.
Why don't you eat trout? Fishing is fun though. MB