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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Busy, Busy

ABC Mine, where sues ex-husband and Howard used to work.
Dairy in Amargosa, there are 3 of them
Longstreet Casino and Hotel at State line in Amargosa. Where we ate supper at.

Its count down time until school starts. I have been busy getting the school ready to open up for all the kids. This week there has been a Volleyball Camp for the girls, so that slows us down some. We have been taking Danielle to Amargosa every night after I get off from work, so I have not been home alot to sit at the computer. She pr acting for the Mexicans girls 15th party and Saturday is the big day for that. Luckily I am on Ambulance Duty so I get to stay home. Next Thursday we are leaving for Wyoming. Its hard to believe how fast its coming up on. Well wanted to check in and say HI. Hope that your week is going smooth. Here are some pictures I took last night while in Amargosa Valley. Sue used to live here...


Small City Scenes said...

I bet you can't wait to go pick up kaley. Have a nice trip. MB

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I can't believe there are dairies out there, those poor cows in the heat, how do they ever give milk? Is the mine still running? Looks so bare! The last photo is pretty, it is new? Take your vitiams to keep up with Danielle! Hugs!

Nancy Jo said...

Everytime I read your blog I need to lay down. You are one of the busiest people I sort of know. Don't know how you get all the things you do done. But you do and I sure admire that.