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Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy September

WOW can you believe that September is here? I cant. This year has gone by way to fast for me. I am enjoying my day off since its Labor Day. I feel I have been working long enough to really take the time and enjoy this day. I was an early work starter at 16 and still going. If I only had saved $5.00 of every pay check, where would I be now? I can tell that Fall is in the air, its been windy here the last couple of days. I wanted to start a fall garden but I was afraid my seeds would blow away. I am planting carrots, onion, and lettuce. I was told it should grow good, since are Winters are kind of warm. We will see? Anyone know how to get the ants out of the garden? I have tons of tree ants that don't bite, they like to wood and moisture. Soon with the weather cooling down my geocaching will be ringing in my ears. My mind wondering on where to put more and to find new ones. I cant wait.

Hope you enjoy this Labor Day!

More pictures from Wyoming.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Happy Labor day to you!! I spent it painting the kids playroom and I'm paying for it today, the ole back is hurtin! But it's done and I can get it set up now. Fall is in the air here too, warm days but nice nights and since our 2 weeks of cool weather, the leaves are starting to turn in spots. A fall garden should do good for you there, as for the ants, look on www.thedirtdoctor.com, I think that's the link, all natural remedies for gardens. The only thing to come to mind this morning is mouthwash for ants? Hope you enjoyed your day off! Love Ya!

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful pictures and I love your new header. Happy Fall to you, Allison. MB

marie6 said...

Fall is nice but we hardly ever have a true autumn here in Malta, 75% of the year is summer and then a short cold weather spell.