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Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's you sign, Monday

Another week has come and gone and its Monday so here you go another Here's your sign... And its Monday, the start to a new week.
I keep looking at Sue's Christmas count down on her bebo and its under 60 days before Christmas and boy am I not ready for that. How fast it sneeks up on you. I have been putting away $20.00 each check so it wont hurt as bad.
Hope that your all doing well and not working to hard.
I am thinking ??? about doing a Christmas Ornament exchange. I would like to see how many would want to do it before I get it off and running. So leave me a comment if your willing, but I know with money tight, its hard to give up a couple of bucks. Happy Monday!

This sign we found while going to Sandy Valley for Danielle's

volleyball game. Now here is a town smaller then Beatty, It does not have a gas station in it, but it does have a bar and here;s the sign!


Rose Mary said...

I'm always excited about Christmas! I would probably participate in the ornament exchange if you decide to do it. Would it be homemade ornaments? Hope you're having a good week.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Love that sign, and small town charm! I'll do a ornament swap too if you get enough? Glad to see you post again! Love Ya!