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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meet and Greet!

Just a quick check in to say Hi to you all and hope that you are enjoying your week. Its been a busy week here for me. Last night was the Winter concert for all the kids
K -12. To see all the kids get dressed up is so sweet to see. They all did a great job since I was in and out while working.

I wanted to share some of my pictures from Thanksgiving weekend. We stay n this RV park in Pahrump which has a lake and ducks, well this year they added 2 geese to there flock. Now as you know that geese can be mean, so I took Kaley with me and we went to feed them all even the geese. The geese were very curious about us and came right up to us. Kaley was scared they would get her. So here is what I got, Enjoy.
I did not have the camera ready but Shila was holding a duck that she felt sorry for because he only had one foot and the duck turned around and gave her a kiss and got her in the lip, its was very funny. wheres the camera when you need it.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

As you know, I LOVE geese! Kayle is getting so big! Your package went out today so look for it! Hugs!!

Rose Mary said...

Allison, those pictures are so sweet! I love to see kids with animals. Hope you are going to have a nice slow weekend and get some rest!

Small City Scenes said...

Boy that looks like a nice place to stay. did you have fun. MB