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Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday's Here Your Sign Day.

Good Day to you all. Here is my sign for Monday. Sorry I am late, I had to work today and the computer I usually do this on is sick and would not let me do anything so thank goodness for the laptop, it saved the day. This sign I took this Summer when we went to Wyoming, we drove through Yellowstone, One of my pretty places on my list to go and see. Everyone should see it at least once. I was shocked when we went there that the enterence price went up to $25 to go in. They sure like to gouge the hard working people. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas? And got lots of goodies? My hubby got a cold, I guess he was a bad boy this year? LOL
Enjoy your week.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'd love to see Yellowstone someday. Aren't they having earthquarkes right now? Did you get the package in time? Hope you liked everything and hope Mark gets feeling better soon. Love ya!

Small City Scenes said...

Hi allison, thanks for visiting my blogs. I have never been to jellystone either. LOL Or Yellowstone. I would love to see the beauty but without all the tourists. I have another sign for you. I'll have to email it too you. MB