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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sorry I have been away.

It was just another busy week for me last week, sorry I have not had much time to blog. One of the kids got sick so I tended to him, work, and just stuff. But I am here and ready to post my Mondays Here's your sign day. I will be working Monday and Tuesday days so I wont be around to get blogging done until after work. We had Snow on Monday about 4 inches and it stuck around for a day or two, the 2nd storm just went around us leaving it bitter cold, now when Amargosa Valley 30 miles South gets snow and we don't, then somethings wrong there since we are higher and Pahrump too got the snow and Vegas but nether for us. Just got home from Pahrump tonight, Yesterday I spent the day working around the house so today I wanted to go in and say Good buy to Kaley since shes spending her Christmas with her step Mother in California. She leaves Monday. She will have to wait for her presents till when she gets back and comes sees her Nana! Hope that everyone is ready for Christmas as it will be here soon. The older I get it just feels like another day. This sign for the week is the entrance to Death Valley National Park with is only acouple miles down the road from us. If you have not been there, well I am not going to spoil it for you because everyone has a different opion on things. Have a great week.


Small City Scenes said...

well you have a nice week too. It sure has been crazy weather everywhere I think.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Sis, you sound like Mom already? Christmas is a special day, too bad all the stress from the commerical side of it takes over and spoils the real reason of the season. Gee, hope your package gets there in time, it should! Are you home for Christmas this year? I know you will miss Kayle, she will have a little something from me waiting for her too! I wanna see snow photos! LOL Try to enjoy Christmas as it was meant to be. Love ya Lots!!

Rose Mary said...

I love your signs, Allison! I hope you aren't too cold this week. Have a very Merry Christmas!