Alpicks Treasures!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Good Morning to you all. Hope that your weekend was a nice one? Things here have calm down alot. The wind is gone for today, which is good, we have another cold front coming through this week and I think we are getting some more wind. It has been a windy Spring, that's for sure. Not to much happening around here. I am flying away Friday and I will be gone a week, so I wont be posting, I am hoping to have some nice pictures and I will share when I get home. I got my results back from my MRI on my good knee and it don't sound to good. I have to go see the doctor after I get back from my trip. Its a bummer getting old. What ever he will tell me, it will have to wait until this Summer when I plan to have the replacement done on the bad knee. I am hoping it will heal some, it feels better. Well here is my sign I found on the Internet awhile back. This sign kind of relates home, 2 weeks ago a high school student hit 2 burros on the highway. They did massive damage to his truck. I felt so bad for the burros, they had to be put down from the cops. So this is my sign for today. ENJOY! Have a great week.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

That's a great sign! Can't wait till Friday!

Small City Scenes said...

Well you got my attention, Allison.
Sorry I haven't been by lately---and I do have some pics for you---just haven't been in blogland much lately.
Enjoy your trip and visit with Sue. It sounds like you will have lots of fun.
My bathroom flooded--pipe broke in the wall--that is what is on my agenda for today. WAH!!!!

Have a good one.......MB