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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here's Your Sign (SUE)

Welcome to another week, this is my last week to work, kind of sad, kind of looking forward to getting some time off. I am going to have replacement knee surgery on the 9th, so down time it will be. So if I am not on after that, you know why. Its been HOT here around 102 and climbing. We always see the 100's and more in Summer. That's are downfall but Winters are real nice, not frigid like other places. Not alot going on here. I hope that everyone has enjoyed there weekend? Here's my sign for today in honor of my sister Sue, I found this in a very small town North from my home. Hope you like it Sue. Take care everyone and see you back soon.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love it, reminds me of Dad, he used to call me Susie! Thanks! Hope your last week is easy, and I know everything else will work out, keep the faith! Love ya!!

Rose Mary said...

Very sweet sign! I'm thining about you, Allison~I know that it is hard on you, not knowing what the future holds for you, jobwise, but your faith will carry you through.

It's been hot here, too. We are having a brief 'cool down'--lower 90s!

Small City Scenes said...

Hey Allison. So you will have to tell me all about Knee replacement stuff. I need that too on my left knee maybe both. ?But keep putting it off but it is getting so i cannot tolerate it anymore. I have no insurance though---Will you be covered even though your job is over? Will you do the Cobra thing or is it still too pricey? MB