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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Well its me again, finely here and up dating my blog, I bet you cant believe your eyes. Its count down time for me. On Thursday I go to Vegas to have surgery on my knee. What fun I know but if it takes the pain away it will be well worth it. I wont know how long I will be down I do know it will be awhile. I have a lap top so I can check in with everyone and see how things are going. Our 4th of July was really nice. There were games at the park and raffles, Fireworks that were really something to see for a small town. It was hot but nothing we could not handle. It was a good day all around. I had all my kids here with me, that's always a treat. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. Here is my sign for yesterday. Kind of cute. Have a great week.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I need one of those signs for our place! lol You will feel alot better once it's done and you go through rehab! Thinking about you!

Tina- said...

inviting you over to my 500th post give away