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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Wednesday to you all. Mine has started off so far ok. Another day of recovery. Not alot happening over in this part of the country. Hot, Hot, Hot its been up there in the temps. We are averaging around 100. I saw that Marybeth got rain, Sue has rain, wheres my rain?

Monday I go to see the doctor in Vegas to see how well I am doing, good or bad. I really like my doctor and everyone I have talked to said I had the best surgeon, I am very lucky to have him, but he left his practice to go work for the veterans which is great for them but sad for me, I will be seeing him Monday because he is coming in to see a handful of his patients to see how they are doing and I am one of them. Its hard to find a good doctor these days and not some quack.

I got a little something special in the mail from my sister Sue yesterday. I was so surprised so I wanted to share it with you all. Shes going to be selling them on her Esty Shop so go on over there soon and check out these little cuties. She knows I like purple. Thanks Sue, your the best Sis.

Well I need to get up and move around. Have a nice week. Well blogger is having some problems putting my pictures up so the last one I cant show. Sorry.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

The veterans need good doctors, so that is good, at least he was able to take care of you when you needed him the most. Glad you got the package, they were fun to make, not to get busy and make some for the shop! Glad to see you posting too! Love ya!!

Rose Mary said...

Great album that Sue made! So glad that you are doing well, Allison. I hope you get a good report from your doctor on Monday.

It is hot here, too. We had some rain, but now it is dry again. I'm ready for fall!

Small City Scenes said...

Hi Allison. I hope your Monday visit with the Doc went well.
It got hot here again but rain is on the way by the end of the week.
Typical pattern here. I have been taking care of the Grand boys and visiting my Mother on Whidbey Island. It does wear me out. MB

Anonymous said...

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