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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here's My Sign for Tuesday!

A day late on my sign day, sorry. On Sunday I had to get out of this house and go see some Fall colors, now I know what your thinking, where in Nevada that is nothing but desert you go and see Fall colors at? Just outside of Las Vegas are mountains that is over 8,000 feet high and in the canyons hold some pretty lodge pole pines, pinion pine, cedar trees, Aspen quakies. It was so pretty up there it makes you think that your not in Nevada anymore. WE took the family and Danielle my youngest did not believe her eyes on how pretty it was up there. She was little the last time we were up there so it was a treat for all of us. I did get some nice shots. It turned out to be a nice day, once we left the mountain we went into Las Vegas for some Supper. Please if any of you out there have some great Fall shots, please post then so I can see something other then desert brush. Enjoy your Fall as I am. Today its colder and cloudy and boy my knee is stiff and sore. I guess I better get used to that. Take Care.


Rose Mary said...

Beautiful pictures, Allison! The colors are so pretty. Our trees are beginning to turn, still a week or two away from really being pretty.

Sounds like you had a fun, family day out.

Hope your knee is better!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday! Is your header one of those quakies? If you want to see some fall color, go to flickr.com and type in fall foliage, you will be amazed! I love that site for all photos, such a inspiration!