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Monday, October 05, 2009

Slow as this little guy but getting better.

Mondays Heres Your Sign day is here and I feel like I am as slow as this turtle most days. I am off to PT today so I wanted to get this posted before I left. Our weather here has cooled off nicely, its even kind of chilly in the house. It will be nice when its cooler and lighting up the pellet stove, having a fire always warms up things. Not alot happening here. I am down to 2xs a week now for PT. Its nice not having to go to Pahrump all the time. Today I will be having lunch with my oldest before PT, just her and I. I get to drive in all by myself. I have been up moving around more, I even got the shampooer out and did the kicthen carpet, it feels good when something gets clean. October is the month the Pomegranates are ripe, every year I get a ton to peel and prepare for making jelly's and syrups. I hope I can get them done this year. They take alot of work but they are so good for you. Well I just wanted to check in. Hope your October has started out to be great. For those of you on Facebook...... See you there!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

PT only twice a week, that is nice! How about Mark, does he have to go too? And driving along, what a treat! I know how you feel about cleaning, makes you feel so much better.

Cheryl B. said...

I stopped by your blog to verify that you were still hosting your Wed. "theme day".

In case you aren't sure why I would do that, please first go here: http://thehousethatlovebuilt.xanga.com/712911712/today--/

and then read this one:

I see that you still are, so I shall leave you on the lists :-D

Cheryl B.

p.s. - my eldest son turns 27 next month, and I am now 51. It's really not that bad!! Besides, I am now a first time grandma to his now four month old daughter :-D!!!

Rose Mary said...

Allison, how great that you only go to PT twice a week! I hope you had a great lunch with your oldest today!

It is cool here, too, but we haven't built a fire just yet. If the forecast holds, we may build one the coming weekend!