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Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome and Sorry I have been away from my blog! My week has been filled with 600 miles of traveling to and from Pahrump and Las Vegas, oh what fun.. You see we live in a small town of less then 1,000 and there is nothing here. well not really nothing but if you need to go to the doctor you have to go to Pahrump or Las Vegas and since I am driving hubby around that's where I have been off to these days. I will be glad when my life gets back to normal, soon I hope. I just need to keep hubby off of all ladders! He is getting batter and I am grateful for that. Well for those of you who have Face Book accounts its Retro week, if your one of my friends go and copy and paste the posting along with one of your younger pictures of yourself and lets see how we all look. This picture is of me when I was 16. Those were some good years but I don't think I would want to go back. They say we only get better as we get older, and I think its true. So play along and I cant wait to see you all. Enjoy your weekend.


Small City Scenes said...

Sweet sisteen. You are adorable.
I see you have a new avatar and new header too.
You must be cleaning house. LOL

I was a senior in high school at sixteen and got married. It seems like I was married forever. Well the majority of my life. Dave has been gone 2 years now---boy time does fly. MB

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I agree with MB, sweet 16! But I wouldn't go back either! Didn't know you've been driving all week, the movie arrived just in time, follow directions and watch it in memory of Mom and our English side of the family! Love your new look here!

Rose Mary said...

Hi Allison~love this post! What a cutie 16 year old you were! I wouldn't want to be that young again, either. It sounds like a lot of trouble, LOL!

I went to a youth group reunion this last weekend and really enjoyed cathching up with old friends. We're not young anymore, but we had a great time.

So glad that your hubby is doing better!

Anonymous said...
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