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Friday, February 18, 2011

My Grandson Noah.... Such a happy baby!

Long time, no see is what you saying about me. I know I am bad, so sorry for that. Well TGIF... yes its Friday and looking forward to driving home tonight after work for a long 3 day weekend. My daughter is at the playoffs for Basketball in Las Vegas, They won last night by 1 point. I wish I could of been there, but work is a must in todays world. I feel that I am missing her Senior Year. I feel bad being 75 miles away from her. I am in need of much needed rest. My back has been hurting alot and I have started seeing a Chiropractor here in Pahrump. It very funny to me to just get to drive down town and see a doctor then go home. I am so used to making a day to see doctors because you have to drive to Vegas which is 120 miles one way. You never get to go right home after that. I guess thats what living in a small town for 30+ years has done for me. Adjustments to living somewhere there is a Walmart in the same town, and 24 hours at that. I have stopped in after I have gotten off from work. Its just a strange feeling all around. Well I hope that you enjoy your weekend. I will try to blogg more often. Miss you all. Take Care.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I know the feeling, just moving in town was a adjustment! Enjoy your long weekend and hopefully we will see more of you these next 3 days! Love ya lots!!

Beemoosie said...

Your grandbaby is so precious!