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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter to the World!!

Happy Easter to everyone!

My weekend was a nice one, My granddaughter was here for a short time. She is very dear to my heart. It makes me sad thought when she has to leave, she cries and clinges to me. They grow up to fast when they are not around to see everyday.

Wow has this year flown by, its Easter!!!

I guess I will cook a ham and make potato salad with the eggs that got dyed.

My sister sent me this real cute scrap book that she made for me, its made from bags and what a cute design. It will hold pictures of Kaley and room for my other kids too. What a neat idea, Keep it up Sue... Love ya

Well, its late and I am ready to hit the bed. Enjoy your day tomorrow, its not the Easter bunny we celebrate... God Bless

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Sue said...

Glad you got the scrap book in time, so happy you like it, I'm hooked on making them so had to share! Thanks for the book you sent me too, just when I thought I had or heard of every book on herbs, love it and will sure use it! Happy Easter sis! Hugs!