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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Diets !!!

I fell like a yoyo, I have been dieting for over a year now and the last 6 months nothing has happened? I was doing so well, and now I fell so let down. My will power has gone down the toilet. I need some advise out there somewhere. What can I do to get my inspirations up and running?

This is a flower from my Iris patch, its one of the things that Lucy the goat wont eat and this year they are beautiful. Now if I can keep my husband from running them over with the law mower I will be happy. Men and there toys..... I was hopping to go out and see my sister this Summer but with the price of gas I know the airlines will be raising up there prices too. Sorry :( maybe soon I hope. ) well almost Easter. Hope that the Easter Bunny brings you all you want... Anyone need a goat... come and get her.

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Sue said...

Sorry to say it sister, but age is your worse enemy now, once we hit our 30's and beyond it's harder to lose! I'll call ya this weekend!