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Monday, April 24, 2006

Have the Blues !!!

What a great Spring we are having, we have not had one this nice in years. The temps are in the 70's and a light breeze. I got serious again with the diet thing, I stepped on the scale and bam it was there, not a good picture. So at it again with hope it will work. Did my exercise today after taking a week off and boy am I sore and tired tonight. My friend was here over Easter, It was good to visit with her and catch up on some stuff. Its funny how we change over the years. Its hard to believe that April is almost gone. Where has this year gone? And how can we slow it down. Well to next time.

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Sue said...

Why do they call it having the blues when the color blue is SO pretty and represents so many beautiful things? I gave up all sodas almost 2 weeks ago and I feel so much better, diet coke was my favorite till I read a article on how diet soda can add weight, plus the artifical sweetner is just bad for you, so you might want to check into that if you drink soda? I lost 2 pds. since giving up diet coke? It's a start and I finally broke that needle on the scale, it hadn't budge in a year! lol