Alpicks Treasures!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a way to end a weekend.
My family and I all went to Bishop California and spent the night,
It was a much needed get away from the everyday chores around this place.
Its so pretty there, reminds me of Wyoming.
The kids were not to happy, they were fighting about whose sleeping with who. So as it went, the girls slept together and the boys slept in the other bed.
It was a nice treat to get away.
Back to work tomorrow after having a week off for Spring break,
soon Summer vacation will be here and time for me to look for work.
I sometimes wish that our school was a 12 month,
then I would not have to look for work in the Summer time.
Well Hope you start off your week a good one.


Sue said...

Sounds like a good way to end spring break ! Is that a pic of Bishop? I haven't been there in over 20 yrs! I bet it's changed and grown too?

Alpicks Treasures said...

no, Lone Pine. I did not get any pictures of Bishop due to the weather not so good, I will post others that I got, Love ya ALlison

Sue said...

Good, can't wait, always enjoy your pics!