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Saturday, May 06, 2006

On The Run

Sorry I have not done a posting, I have been in Las Vegas a lot lately. I don't like going there all that much anymore due to the traffic and people, its nice to live in a small town and not have to deal with all of that. My thought and prayers are with my MOM. She had a pretty bad stroke and is in the hospital in Las Vegas. That is my reason why I have to go there so often. The drive is nice because its peaceful and you can really think about whats going on. I have a 2 hour drive one way to Vegas. She is in Gods hand now, so we sit back and wait. I wish I could be with her everyday, but with gas, family and work, it makes it hard to do. Today is a stay home day. Little League has started and Danielle gets to play her first game of the season. She really loves to play baseball. This year is plays the majors. Not the little kid stuff anymore, she is happy :)
Think Positive is what my Mom would say, so I am trying. Have a great weekend.


Howard said...

All my good thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Something like this is so hard to go through and seems unfair but in a lot of ways it makes you appreciate life more. Suppose thats why God puts us through things like this. You, Sue and Carrie take care of yourselves.

Sue said...

Thank you Howard!!