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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gods Hands

Hello and what a week. My Mom is in a rehab hospital due to her stroke. What a joke that is? You walk in to this real nice front area where you sign in, then walk through a door and its like walking into hell. The place is over crowded. People are everywhere but when you want to talk to someone there nowhere????? I hate places like that. I spent a lot of time in one when my father in law was ill in 97. The reh hab place he was at was a lot nicer then this one. I hope my Mom comes out of this stroke, but if she don't, we will have to deal with that. I did see one nice thing while I was traveling to Vegas to see Mom. On 2 different days I have seen turtles. They are rare anymore to find them and to see 2. The flowers this year in the desert is really nice. I stopped one day to snap some pictures. I will post them later. Another weekend is here. I am aiming for some rest so we will see. Have a good one.

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Sue said...

Is that downtown Beatty? lol